Artist Statement

Perseverance Series Information

All of my paintings are inspired by photographs that I have taken by manipulating the elements with the exposure triangle in manual photography. I enjoy combining two of my passions together, photography and painting. 

The butterfly paintings are inspired by a series of photos I took at the Butterfly Conservatory in Cambridge. This series really means a lot to me and the butterflies are a symbol of so many powerful feelings and signs. This series represents my passion to follow my commitment to art, staying positive and persevering through the challenges & stresses of entrepreneurship and a rebirth to continually leave the anxiety behind.

Keeping with the same colour scheme I used with the butterflies I was inspired to paint from photographs that I took at the Royal Botanical Gardens. ‘A Moment in Time’ is a powerful painting of a single poppy standing strong. While keeping the same message and symbolism, 

I am expanding this series entitled 'Perseverance' to include other powerful nature scenes.

While there are many heartwarming moments with entrepreneurship there are also many challenges and trying times; as a result my mental health became my biggest strain. It is something that will always be a part of me. Entrepreneurship can be very rewarding, but it can also be very stressful and mentally draining. Over this past year and a half I began to focus more on my personal art. I realized among the long hours and debt stress that I need to express myself too. Never having time for my own art because I was so caught up in the business pressures, I was loosing myself and my creativity was not being expressed. 

Upon having my pieces titled 'Reflections' and 'In Flight' accepted into the Juried 2019 Spring Art Show at the Minto Art Gallery it gave me the confidence to pursue my passion. Since then I have also been accepted into the The Bruce Peninsula Art Gallery as a 2020 Juried Guest Artist and the 2020 Juried Mary Allen Studio Tour. I participated in the Tom Thomson Gallery 100 Squares 2019 Show and locally I have had the opportunity to display my acrylic and photography art work at Livewell Health and Physiotherapy in Baden and The Garden Stand in New Hamburg.  I am now equally putting my focus on growing as a professional artist. Life knows when to make you uncomfortable to push you to your best.

The butterflies and I are honouring our strength with every brush stroke.


'Perseverance' Series

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Artwork display at Livewell 
Health and Physiotherapy in Baden. 2019.

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